Drummer's Metronome

The best metronome for drummers on Android™ and BlackBerry

Drummer's Metronome is the best Metronome for drummers or every other musician on Android and Blackberry. It is similar to some of the best "real" digital metronomes.
  • Free
  • Set Volumes for Acc, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, Triols
  • Chose Samples for Acc, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, Triols
  • Use the built-In Samples or load custom Samples (WAV Mono)
  • A huge Optonome
  • Samples can be edited (Length, Pitch, Decay, Attack)
  • Metronome Settings can be saved and managed in lists
  • 10-280 BPM
  • 2-8 fourths, triols, eigths and quarters can be set by volumes
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Drummer's Metronome is the perfect click track for practising sessions or live gigs. Easy to set up and plainly audible in your headphones.

There are a number of good click sounds, but you can load custom sounds, too. If you like it silent you can either use the vibration or a visual metronome.

Metronome settings can be stored in lists for quick access.

A must have for every drummer !


Version 1.6.7

Released on July 25th, 2013
  • NEWTutorial Overlay added
  • NEWNotes can be added to metronomes. To add a note, long click on a metronome
  • NEWNew icon
  • NEWTitle always displayed (tablets landscape, the title is needed to access the timer)
  • NEWColor for silent beats can be changed. Default silenced color changed to blue
  • NEW< and > buttons added
  • NEWHit the app title or time to set when the metronome should be stopped (after x measures or x seconds)
  • NEWButton sounds disabled
  • NEWDisclaimer/Impressum added
  • NEWEULA german translation and styled
  • NEWOverall Snapiness improved
  • NEWContinuous measure counting added(can be turned ON)
  • NEWVolume Sliders can be locked
  • NEWNo more popup messages when loading or saving. Progress is shown in the ActionBar instead
  • NEWToasts replaced with Croutons
  • NEWManage Lists: new ui, rename, proper error checking
  • NEWSave List As and Rename added to Metronome List screen
  • NEWBackup options shown once at start
  • FIXFix app not resuming properly on language change
  • FIXDisabled autosave after list item drag
  • FIXEULA german translation and styled
  • FIXLayout fixes for dark theme




by 'I Am Entertainment'

by 'mucke-tools.blogspot.de' (german)

Ed Custard reviewed it on the Playstore:

"Drummer's Metronome is the one to beat! Stefan Pledl has raised the bar for metronome apps. A must download for any musician with an Android phone."


Cobus Alberts reviewed it on the Playstore:

"Don't bother looking anywhere else. This app is by far 1 of the best apps I've ever seen in my life. I've been shopping around for a month now and was just looking at paid apps thinking that those would have to be better. I actually stumbled across this app by accident. You have really put something amazing together here and to make it free... thank you so much"




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